Who buys massage chairs?

Massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular as a way to relax and enjoy a massage at home, without the hassle of having to book an appointment and make it to a massage parlor. But who buys massage chairs and why? In this article, we’ll examine who tends to purchase massage chairs and look into the reasons why people buy this type of product.

Health Benefits Seekers

One of the primary markets who buy massage chairs are health-seekers. This group of people generally consists of those suffering from pain, either as a result of injury or due to conditions like: fibromyalgia, arthritis and lower back pain. They know that massage chairs offer a comfortable way to relax, while also bringing relief to their aches and stiffness. In addition, they may also be impressed by the therapeutic benefits that massage chairs bring, like improved flexibility and circulation.

Tech-Savvy Shoppers

These buyers are typically well-informed and can recognize a value for money purchase when they come across one. They understand the difference between a massage chair that offers basic functionality, and a chair that offers an array of technologically-advanced features, like ones that simulate the feeling of a therapist’s hands, pre-programmed massage sequences, adjustable intensity settings and potentially even voice-activated control.

Luxury Hunters

These consumers are often looking for the ultimate massage experience, so they are willing to pay top dollar for a wider range of luxurious features, like heated pads, customized massage programs and body contouring options. They often take the time to look into all the features that each massage chair offers and weigh the pros and cons before making their decision.

Style-Friendly Consumers

This group of buyers typically puts as much emphasis on the design of the chair as they do on the features it offers. They are likely to choose a massage chair that is stylish and fits nicely in their space. This may mean they pay a bit more to ensure they get the look they truly want, but that the product is also up to their standards of comfort.

Introspective Buyers

Finally, there are those people for whom a massage chair purchase reflects a more introspective decision. These buyers usually purchase a chair to be able to practice daily relaxation and mindfulness exercises, or for similar deep emotional or spiritual reasons. Many people who fit this description appreciate the convenience of having a chair that can give them a massage whenever they need it, from the comfort of their own home.


As can be seen, there are a variety of different types of buyers who choose to purchase massage chairs. Massage chairs offer physical and mental health benefits, making them an attractive product to a wide range of users. Each group looks for different features in a chair that best suits their individual needs and are willing to pay for the right product.


Q: Who buys massage chairs?

A: Massage chairs can be purchased by anyone, but they are especially popular with massage therapists and people who like to enjoy a massage at home.

Q: How much do massage chairs cost?

A: Prices vary depending on the type of chair and features, but generally range from $200-$2,000.

Q: Are massage chairs easy to assemble?

A: Most massage chairs come pre-assembled, but some may require some basic assembly with easy to follow instructions.

Q: Do massage chairs have adjustable settings and speeds?

A: Yes, most massage chair models have adjustable settings and speeds to meet the user’s preferences. Some models also feature special massage techniques such as kneading, rolling, tapping and shiatsu.

Q: Are massage chairs effective in relieving stress?

A: Yes, massage chairs can be effective in relieving stress, as long as the person is using the chair correctly. Massage chairs provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience which can help to reduce stress levels by promoting relaxation and reducing tension in the muscles. Additionally, massage chairs can help to improve circulation and decrease pain, which can also help reduce stress.

Q: Are there any health benefits associated with using massage chairs?

A: Yes, there are many health benefits associated with using massage chairs. Regular use of a massage chair has been shown to reduce stress, ease muscle tension, improve circulation, and even improve sleep quality. Additionally, massage chairs can provide relief to those suffering from chronic pain, as well as providing relaxation and improved posture.

BME. Wajih Habrah

BME. Wajih Habrah

I'm a passionate biomedical engineer with a love for writing about medical and wellness equipment. I have been fascinated by the intersection of engineering and wellness, and pursued my education in biomedical engineering to learn how to design, develop and maintain medical devices that improve patient health and well-being.

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