How to open massage chair?

Opening a massage chair is relatively easy and straightforward. Many massage chairs have a power button to start the chair and a number of knobs or controls to adjust the massage type and intensity. Usually, the power button to start and operate is located on the side or top of the massage chair. If a manual is provided with the chair, it is recommended to read it before using the massage chair. This article will provide a few simple steps on how to open massage chair along with some helpful tips to ensure the best experience.

Things Needed

The first step in opening a massage chair is understanding the components and tools that are needed. The main components required to open a massage and begin using it are the power button, control knobs and a manual. Other minor items that may be included are a cleaning cloth and massage attachment, for example, kneading or shiatsu nodes.

Power On and Settings

Once all the components have been gathered, the user can locate and press on the power button of the massage chair. This is usually located on the side or top of the massage chair near the control knobs. On pressing the power button, the massage chair should activate and start moving. If a manual is available, it is recommended to read it before setting the massage chair’s intensity and setting the massage mode. Few massage chairs have auto-programs, which can be activated using the control knobs.

Body Positioning and Massage Type

It is very important to properly position the body on the massage chair. Incorrect positioning can lead to inadequate massages and may even injure the user. Most massage chairs are designed in a particular way such that the feet of the user should be on a lower platform, the calf and legs should be comfortably resting on the massage chair’s rollers and the upper body should be on the upper backrest. Once the user is properly positioned, the chair can begin to massage by adjusting the intensity and mode of massage.

Time and Intensity Settings

The time for a massage session can be adjusted using the control knobs of the massage chair. Many massage chairs come with adjustable timer settings with incremental values ranging from 10 minutes to an hour. It is important to not exceed the advised time frame to avoid unnecessary strain on the body. Additionally, the intensity should also be adjusted according to the user’s requirement to ensure a comfortable massage.

Regular Maintenance

It is very important to regularly maintain the massage chair for the best results. A scrubbing cloth and a soft brush should be used to regularly clean the massage chair to avoid any damage to the massage chair’s components. Additionally, the massage chair should also be checked for any loose screws or parts that may become problematic. Doing this ensures a smooth and successful massage experience.


In conclusion, opening a massage chair is relatively easy and straight forward. All components needed must be gathered, and the power button is to be pressed to begin the massage session. The user should then properly position himself on the massage chair and adjust the timer, intensity, and mode of massage to the desired preferences. It is important to regularly maintain the massage chair. Following these simple steps and tips should ensure the best massage experience.


Q: How do I open a massage chair?

A: You can usually open a massage chair by pressing a button or using a lever on the side of the chair. Depending on the model, you may need to turn a key or hold down a button to open the chair.

Q: How do I know what type of massage chair I have?

A: You can generally find the model name and type of massage chair on the back of the chair. If you cannot find this information, you may need to refer to the manual that came with the massage chair when it was purchased.

Q: How do I close the massage chair after I’m done using it?

A: To close the massage chair, simply press down on the lever or button located on the side of the chair. You may need to push down on the chair in order to activate the closing mechanism.

Q: How do I reset my Infinity massage chair?

A: Press power button after use to reset. Press any remote button to stop reset. Press the power button again to continue the operation or to begin massage. Once the massage chair is plugged in, press power button and the remote’s LCD screen will turn on. The LCD display will prompt you to press either “ON” or “OFF”. Press “ON” and the massage chair will begin its initialization process. After initialization is complete, you can use the remote controller to select massage programs.

Q: How do you use an infinity massage chair?

A:Β To use an Infinity massage chair, begin by adjusting the chair to your preferred massage settings. This can be done from the remote control or the touch screen on the side of the chair. You can adjust the massage location, intensity, speed, and massage type. Choose from the various pre-set programs, or customize your massage to your liking. Once the massage settings have been adjusted, sit in the massage chair and enjoy the massage. For more detailed instructions, check out the video below.

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